Natalie Rose Silva

Creator + Perfumer

Natalie Silva, Godseye Oils

— Some big, exciting changes are coming.  —

There is so much to report! My life is in a constant state of moving forward and I am called to be very present in every moment. Godseye is always moving forward and continues to expand and transform in the most stunning ways.

All the beauty and the good smells that you love so much come from my heart and my prayer for an ever-deeper connection with plants, humans, and all that wishes me well. 

This February marks the one-year date of my break up and one year of living on my own. The way that my life has unfolded, and the way that the infinite wisdom of the universe has shown up for me is hard to even put into words. I am so grateful for all that is coming. I am so ready for unimaginable happiness. I am in awe of how generous and attentive the universe can be to me when I pay attention to myself as well. I look forward to sharing more about everything that has happened.

Godseye has been one of the greatest teachers in my life.

My business continues to show me so clearly all that is working for me and what is not working for me. It has helped me to change, expand and grow up. I am grateful for the instruction AND it is unrelenting and not easy.

I am beyond grateful for the plants and the medicine in my life, for my evolving prayer for my life, and for my sacred relationships that offer me an unwavering guiding light in my life. This state of deep connection is my reality and my answered prayer.

In the present moment, Godseye is expanding, nurturing new partnerships, and is on the cusp of major growth and expansion.

This expansion means making space by selling my inventory and old packaging that is so gorgeous and has served me well. I am so proud to make room for the new. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support, your kindness, your generosity, and your belief in me. You are such a huge part of the forward of Godseye!

This weekend, through Sunday, January 29th, I’m offering a 30% discount on your orders. 

After this weekend and throughout February, the discount will go to 25%, then 20%, then 15%, and finally to 10% as I sell through all of my inventory and dream up my next offerings from my heart to yours.

This moving forward prayer is bottled inside every single product that I make. That’s why it feels the way it feels as you use it. 

Please use Godseye products infused with magic and abundance to help your forward, your expansion, and your elevation.

Fill your life with sacred, intentional, handmade products and watch your life unfold in ways you couldn’t have ever imagined that are better than what you could have asked for yourself. That is what is happening to me.

Thank you for all of your patience as I go through these big changes. I know there have been times when you have had to wait longer for your packages to be delivered. Transition and change can be bumpy. It can be the time when people fall or businesses fail. It can be a time when a lot of things fall away that aren’t part of the prayer.

I am so blessed by all of you who continue to send me the most beautiful, loving messages of gratitude for what I’m putting out to the world.

I cannot wait to show you all what is coming next. I cannot wait to be able to have more connection with you in person or live or in prayer. The Godseye team is expanding so that I will be more available to offer my love to you in the ways that I pray to be able to, and to support myself and my son to thrive, flourish, grow and share more love.

Go to my website. Buy it all up! Let’s see what happens next.


Use code FORWARD2023 at checkout this weekend for 30% off!

Natalie Rose Silva is the owner and creator of Godseye Oils.

Perfumery is one of the many ways she expresses herself artistically and is her way of offering love and beauty to the world.  Natalie calls on the wisdom of nature and plant medicines, The Universe, Tarot, Astrology, The Elements, Animal Medicine, Spirit Guides, Rock n Roll Ancestors, her blood line ancestry, her healed and healing trauma, her community, music, art, colors, sound, textures and ALL THAT WISHES HER WELL  to create deeply healing and elevating potions and perfumes. Natalie only uses the highest quality ingredients in her formulations and treats every part of her business as sacred.  Natalie started her business as a self-taught perfumer and has since been trained by the Godmother of natural perfumery Mandy Aftel in Berkeley, CA as well as at the Perfumers Studio in Los Angels, CA.  She is also a mother, lead singer in the rock n roll band FeatherWitch and facilitates healing ceremonies and retreats with her sister Erika under their Made of Stars Altar.