GODSEYE OILS • Pure. Organic. Sacred.

About Natalie Rose

Godseye Oils by Natalie Rose Silva

Godseye products are blended and packaged by hand with love by self taught perfumer Natalie Rose Silva. The process includes infusing each product with powerful prayers and intentions. Every ingredient is treated as sacred and therefore IS sacred. The plant oils used to create these beauty products are honored and revered as medicine. Godseye products are made from organic (when available), plant based, wild crafted, non-synthetic ingredients.

The Journey Fragrance Collection is the first of many to come and reflects the magical process of Godseye Oils coming into existence. The Vision, The Prayer, The Work, The Teachers, The Asking For Help, The Heartbreak, The Heart Opening, The Fear, The Doubt, The Courage, The Clarity and ultimately the Trust in ones self it takes to put your creative passions and deep heartfelt beliefs into the world. May this collection lift and support you on Your Journey through this Gift of Life. May the heavenly scents awaken the creative and passionate beast inside of you. May you find the connection between these healing scents and the memories of your greatest ideas, visions and prayers for your life. May The Journey Collection help you to keep moving forward in pursuit of your own unimaginable happiness.