Autumn Equinox Incense Workshop $95.00

Join us for a day of magic and intention.  We are so excited to share our love of incense making with you so that you can carry this conjuring tool into your life to call in all your heart's desires, access deep healing, and simply enjoy the dreamy scents...

In this day long women's ceremony you will learn all about the tools and plant based ingredients needed to create your own loose incense.  We will also offer you information on the origin of this beautiful ritualistic practice, and teach you how to harvest your own ingredients while honoring nature.  We will share our recipe for an Autumn Equinox Incense and give you time to create your own personal intentional blend.

We will end our precious time together by burning a pinch of each of our personal incense blends to honor our connection as sisters and to signify our support for all women.

This practice of women gathering to put our intentions into the world is an extremely powerful and useful tool in our journey through life.  We cannot wait to witness the magic that will no doubt unfold.

Space is limited so please reserve your spot!


Natalie and Amanda


We will provide: Light snacks, tea, wine, and water along with everything you will need to make incense.

What you will take home:  Two 2oz jars of loose incense, charcoals for burning, magic wooden spoon, shibori ritual bag, mortar + pestle, a charged up spirit, a cleansed soul, and a full heart.

What to bring with you: A journal, a pen, lunch, re-fillable water bottle and a blanket to sit on.

Date: September 24, 2017
Time: 11am-4pm
Where:  4746 Santa Rosita Court, Santa Rosa
Deadline to sign up:  September 15, 2017