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Fragrance Oils

Red Road

Red Road~ Walk a path of truth, integrity, acceptance and forgiveness. Find your good way. Red Road grounds you in the Truth. This Woodsy oil helps you to stay on a path that aligns your with your most elevated visions for your life. Organic essential oils of Cedar, Rockrose and Amber swirl lovingly around crushed…

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Next Prayer. New Altar.

Next Prayer. New Altar. Sweet little corner of the Godseye Oils Sacred Lab of dreams! Thank you @_arihella! Building beautiful altars with you and rocking out are my 2 FAVORITE things! You are an angel in my life! SOOOOO happy I get to be your sister and that you are mine! BAAAAA-LESSED⚡️ And people in…

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VISION QUEST • Resin + Love•

Vision Quest Fragrance Oil by Godseye Oils, Journey Fragrance Collection, Natalie Rose Silva Chaput

This deeply sensual and spicy blend calls in psychic visions and helps you to put your intentions into action. Organic Essential Oils of Frankincense, Cedar, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Tangerine, and Musk, are charged with powerful Herkimer Diamonds and Crushed Labradorite Crystals. ????Herkimer Diamond- Activates Crown and Third-Eye areas. Stimulates inner visions and helps you to stay…

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Godseye Oil of the Day: ROCKROSE

Also known as Cistus or Labdanum this oil has a strong balsamic, sweet Amber and deeply resinous scent. It is a favorite of mine during meditation and ceremony. It was thought to be magical and therapeutic by the ancient Egyptians and was used in Kyphi, an incense used for stimulating altered and euphoric moods. ROCKROSE…

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Dragon’s Blood Resin✨

One of the many precious ingredients in Wild Heart Fragrance Oil. I crush the resin by hand so the precious bits can permeate this Self Love Spell with LOVE, POWER AND FIRE! Get yourself some this Saturday @bouquet_market. Also check those @amandahuntjewelry bracelets! We will be sharing a booth so come say hi and see…

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Balance + Clarity

View this post on Instagram Balance + Clarity . . EAST WEST ⚡️VISION QUEST????⚡️ All available on the site! All made from pure, organic essential oils, Sandalwood hydrosol and jojoba oil. Bring these healing tools into your life for everyday support in this prayer for Balance and Clarity ⚡️ #godseyeoils #allloveallthetime #perfumeprayers #organicperfume #smallbatch #handmade…

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