Also known as Cistus or Labdanum this oil has a strong balsamic, sweet Amber and deeply resinous scent. It is a favorite of mine during meditation and ceremony. It was thought to be magical and therapeutic by the ancient Egyptians and was used in Kyphi, an incense used for stimulating altered and euphoric moods. ROCKROSE is also an amazing natural beauty aid and can tone and tighten the complexion. I use ROCKROSE essential oil in many of my fragrance blends. Red Road, Altar, Boobie Butter and Magic are all infused with this intoxicating and powerful oil. There are many exciting new offerings headed your way from Godseye Oils and many more of my blends and potions will include ROCKROSE.

Thank you to this incredibly generous and loving plant for offering us such beauty on the Earth and in a bottle. I am honored to know you! #rockrose #godseyeoils #puresacredplants #perfumeprayers

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