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As Mothers Day approaches, I am reflecting on my Mom, feeling the giant gift of being a Mom, and I am remembering my dear sister Vanessa, who recently passed, was a mom of 3 and whose celebration of life will take place on Mothers Day.

I am moved to share with you a little bit about my Mother and all of the mothers in my life. Vanessa was one of them for sure...

I have been mothered by so many people. My teachers, my sisters, my brothers, my friends, my partners, my dad, my stepmother, my aunts, my spirit family, and MYSELF! Anyone who has held me tenderly, made me soup or a hot cup of tea, served me medicine, covered me with a blanket, told me the truth, listened to me, rocked me while I cried, loved me unconditionally. I have felt mother love from many people.

When my birth Mom took her own life in 2011, I was presented with a new and better practice of asking for and receiving mothering in my life. That prayer worked. I am surrounded by soft mothering love ALL of the time.

Even though my Mom and I had a tumultuous relationship over the years, when I became a mother I felt closer to my incredible birth Mom than I ever had before. When I was blessed with my son, Sonny, my heart broke with a depth of love that only a mother can feel, and in that moment ALL was forgiven. A mother's love for her children is the best pain in the world! At first, I felt my mother's absence so much. With my new, tiny baby Sonny in my arms, I would beg and plead for her to be here with me and for her to have held on a little longer so that she could have met my son and so that I could have looked into her eyes and told her how much I understand her pain now and she could tell me how the hell to do all of this! I need you, Mom! But she wasn't coming back in physical form to help me so I prayed for another way.

My mom and I shared a deep passion for scent magic and perfume and beauty. When I was a little girl and all through my early teens, we would go to the big Macy's in downtown San Francisco for the annual flower show in the Spring. We would spend hours in the vast fragrance department ooo-ing and ahh-ing at the incredible floral arrangements, smelling all of the magic, collecting samples, and purchasing new scents for the season.

And now, I have created a business that connects me to her and our shared passion all of the time. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her while I work. In my practice of using scent in rituals, I connect to and communicate with my guides and ancestors and I feel and hear my Mom's infinite love and support and guidance.

I miss my Mom every day. She would have LOVED to have been a part of Godseye... and she is.

I am so grateful to offer you the soft Mommy Love in the form of natural plant scent magic. Each one of my Godseye creations is blended with so much Love and with the intention of creating more beauty in the world. I hope you feel that love when you wear and work with your Godseye scents. I hope you will pay it forward by spreading the love and beauty and magic to the ones that have mothered you and that mother your children.

I have some sweet gift sets available and am offering you loyal scent nerds a little extra discount.

Thank you for your love and support and kindness. More mom love.


I Get Misty for Mothers Day: 5 Spirit Mist Travel Gift Set


5-Spirit Mists in a gorgeous large natural dyed velvet bag by Terrene Studios

Open – Soften – Allow – Above – Below Spirit Mists- (1oz of each) in the perfect travel or carry around with you everywhere size!

Great Mothers Day gift for your mom or your baby mama. Comes with a gorgeous and super useful naturally plant dyed velvet zipper pouch by Terrene Studio. I use these bags to hold my Tarot Cards, my travel incense burn kit, my scents and lippy… I love how easy they are to find by touch in my purse because of their soft velvety feel.

$118 Value. Supplies are limited.

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An amazing gift for someone you love like your Mom! (and also that someone can be you)… 1oz glass spray bottles of:
  • Open: Frankincense, Cedar, Palo Santo, Lemon
  • Soften: Bergamot, Jasmine, Sandalwood
  • Allow: Patchouli, Labdanum, Opopanax, Vanilla and Myrrh
  • Above: Rose, Sandalwood, Cedar, Frankincense, Ylang-Ylang
  • Below: Vetiver, Spruce, Cedar, Amber, Black Pepper
Ingredients: Sandalwood Hydrosol + pure oil and essence blends + presented in a Large natural plant dyed velvet zipper bag by Terrene Studio. To Use: So many ways to play and pray with these mists. Line them up in a place where you like to stop, drop and breathe. Maybe that’s your bedside table, your bathtub, your altar, or your meditation station. Close your eyes, mist yourself with one or several that feel supportive of you, and take 3 deep breaths. If you have a little more time maybe light a candle, burn some Godseye Ceremony Incense, pick a card from your favorite animal medicine or tarot deck, and write in your journal what you are grateful for, what you want to let go of, and what you want to call in. This is a simple, very effective, and pleasurable way to reconnect to yourself, ground, get back into your body, get refocused, see your visions become clearer, and receive information for what actions (if any) you can take. ALSO, great for refreshing your hair and skin throughout the day and making you smell hella good.

L-O-V-E Machine All Over Face & Body Oil + Sandalwood Spirit Mist Set


2 of Godseye’s most popular items inside a gorgeous medium size, natural plant dyed, velvet bag by Terrene Studio.

1oz each
Body Oil: Rose, Frankincense, and Sandalwood
This body oil is the Queen of body oils. Supercharged with nutrients and the highest vibrations!
Spirit Mist: Sandalwood Hydrosol + Sandalwood Essential Oil
Ultimate Sandalwood Gorgeousness.

$72 Value.  Supplies are limited.

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Face + Body Oil- 1oz
Ingredients: Organic, skin-nourishing Base Oils of Jojoba, Coconut, Rosehip, Carrot Seed, Sea Buckthorn, and Shea. Lightly fragranced with 100% pure essential oils of Rose (the oil of Love) Frankincense (the oil of Truth) and Sandalwood (the oil of Sacred Devotion)

To Use: This luxurious, deeply nourishing, and healing oil can be used as a body oil, body cleansing oil, facial hydrating serum, facial cleansing oil, shave oil, and more. As an after-shower/ bath body oil, slather all over your warm, wet body right out of the water and let it air dry. As a body and facial oil cleanser, this oil replaces soaps and cleansers that can dry out your skin.  To use as a facial hydrating serum, warm as much as you like between your palms and press into the skin.  Works really well with Gua Sha and hand facial massage. Great as a shave oil to use in place of shaving cream.

Sandalwood Spirit Mist- 1oz
Ingredients: Sandalwood Hydrosol (Plant Water), Sandalwood Essential oil

To Use: Sandalwood Spirit Mist can be sprayed on your face and hair and all over to nourish your skin, refresh your hair, support your mindfulness practice and make you smell aaaaaamaaaaaazing.

North Star Fragrance Oil + Small Velvet Natural Dyed Bag


15ml Roll Bottle Perfume

Holy Wood + Starlight

Palo Santo-Sandalwood-Cypriol-Crushed Citrine-Fractionated Coconut Oil

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Palo Santo and the stars had a baby and it’s North Star Fragrance Oil! Palo Santo is a calming and mystical holy wood that offers you a change in perspective and an adjustment to your attitude. It’s also really wonderful for protection, clearing and supporting healthy sleep. I don’t leave home without this oil in my bag. Offered in a special natural dyed velvet bag by Terrene Studio.