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Deo for the B.O.


Pure Sandalwood Oil Roll On Deodorant
Size: 10ml
Ingredients: Sandalwood Oil


So simple its crazy! 10ml of Pure, Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil. That’s it! Works in perfect harmony with the delicate Ph in your pits to keep you smelling sweet all day. Finally an all natural deodorant that actually works! People will stop you on the street to say how good you smell!

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .75 x .75 x 3.25 in

2 reviews for Deo for the B.O.

  1. Kelliann

    My favorite product! My armpits are super sensitive and this stuff leaves my pits feeling smooth and smelling amazing! So worth it!

    • godseyeoils

      Thank you Kelliann! xo

  2. erika

    The cleanest deoderant out there. Absorbs well and lasts all day. Very reliable on a hard work out day also. And it lasts forever!!!

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