Godseye Sacred Directions Spirit Mist Gift Set


6 – 1oz. Spirit Mists – one of each of the 6 Sacred Directions (North, South, East, West, Above, Below) in a sweet Jalama Dyes Velvet Spell Bag*. (Bags are on back order until mid-January.)




1oz. amber glass bottles of ALL 6 Sacred Directional Mists to elevate you, your space and all of the beings around you tucked inside a gorgeous Jalama Dyes Velvet Spell Bag.

Bags are dyed with hand harvested plants grown wild in California Curly Dock (Gold) Oak (Grey), and Cochineal (Pinks).

*Limited Quantity and natural colors vary. If you have a preferred bag color add it in the notes at checkout. I can’t guarantee the color you want will be in stock. All of the colors are stunning.


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