Red Road~

Walk a path of truth, integrity, acceptance and forgiveness. Find your good way.

Red Road grounds you in the Truth. This Woodsy oil helps you to stay on a path that aligns your with your most elevated visions for your life. Organic essential oils of Cedar, Rockrose and Amber swirl lovingly around crushed turquoise and cedar tips

Turquoise: Represents the wisdom that comes from life’s experiences. A grandfather ally that reminds us that our perceived mistakes are some of our greatest teachers. A stone of self-forgiveness and self-acceptance and one that helps us to release regret so that we may stay on the path to our unimaginable happiness.

Western Red Cedar: Offers purification and protection. Clears negative energy and stops unkind and untrue thoughts.
Photographer @nickykatkov
Stylist @jennabaucke
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