Allow Spirit Mist


2oz or 4oz glass spray bottle

Patchouli- Vanilla- Labdanum- Myrrh- Opopanax

1 of 3 Spirit Mists in my Ceremony Collection. Allow Spirit Mist supports emotional and physical release.  They help us make space to receive.

Patchouli is the oil of physicality encouraging us to become fully present in our physical bodies while staying connected to our Spirit.  Patchouli helps us to release emotional judgments about our bodies and brings in confidence, strength, and grace.  Patchouli reminds us of our childhood innocence and to use our bodies for fun and play.

Vanilla helps relieve depression and anxiety and aids our digestion and increases libido.

Labdanum eases the mind and supports circulation, digestion, and healthy menstruation.

Myrrh is the oil of Mother Earth.  This holy resin helps the soul to feel the love and nurturing presence of the “Mother” and helps us to release fear and rekindles trust within our soul.

Opopanax is a mystical, magical oil that helps you let go of resistance so that you can expand into your fullness.

Releasing the old and making space for receptivity are important keys to our healing.  Allow brings us into the present and is a wonderful grounding and stabilizing tool. After you have Opened and Softened it is time to Allow yourself to feel, release and move forward into the new way.

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