Below Spirit Mist


2oz or 4oz glass spray bottle


Part of the Sacred Directions Series. Vetiver helps you become more rooted in life and helps you in self-awareness work. Spruce is the oil of Stability and helps to ground and balance your energy. Amber helps you to relax your mind so you can get into your body. Cedar is the oil of community and helps you to feel connected. Below Spirit Mist is one of my best sellers and is one that I and my entire family turn to everyday. We love to spay our bellies when we fell anxious and the bottoms of our feet when we feel like we are getting lost in the hamster wheel of untrue, unkind, unhelpful thoughts.

Really beautiful to use in Ceremony, ritual, workshops or classes during and after moments or BIG release. Brings everyone back to Earth and back in their bodies when it’s time to come back and helps them stay in their bodies when they need to stay.

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