Bleeding Heart Oil


30 ml bottle

This gorgeous, blood-red oil is for healing your broken heart and keeping it open to love.

Bleeding Heart Oil is made from St. John’s Wort that Natalie harvested, cut, and infused herself this past June. We only made one batch of these special oils!

St. John’s wort for happiness
Myrrh for nurturing
Rosemary and blood cedar for protection

How to use: Just before you fall asleep, pour a small amount of Bleeding Heart into your palm and rub it onto your chest above your heart to help move through heartbreak. You can also rub it on any part of your body where you carry tension or trauma to help soothe and heal. We also love putting it on the soles of our feet, and then putting socks on.

Note that St. John’s wort can make skin sensitive to sunlight, so don’t put this all over your body and lay in the sun. This bottle of oil is extremely potent since it was infused for so long — you could even dilute it with more olive oil if you wanted a larger amount.

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