Elevation + Grounding Gift Set


2 Spirit Mists Gift Set  |  Above + Below Spirit Mists (2 ounces of each)

“By connecting to the Cosmos ABOVE and the Earth BELOW I can Elevate my thoughts and visions and Ground into the present moment and feel whole and safe and embodied.”

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Set includes 2 oz. glass spray bottles of:

Above: Rose, Cedar, Frankincense
Cosmos, Light, Infinite Possibilities

Below: Vetiver, Amber, Spruce, Cedar
Grounding, Safety, Mother Earth

Use these mists to:

  • Prepare you, your space, and all participants for rituals, ceremonies, and plant medicine journeys
  • Initiate your movement practice
  • Ground you for work
  • Connect to your creativity
  • Start your day off with a clear connection and purpose
  • Prepare your clients for their sessions with you
  • Clear funky energy
  • Refresh your hair and skin

Ingredients: Sandalwood Hydrosol + pure essential oil and essence blends