Stars + Smoke Ritual Kit: North Star Anointing Fragrance Oil + Ceremony Incense Kit


A sweet gift for the ones that love to ground in ritual…

10ml North Star Anointing Fragrance Oil: Protection + Clarity Remember who you are.
Ceremony Loose Incense: Burn + Release

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North Star Anointing Fragrance Oil Ingredients: Sandalwood, Palo Santo, Nagarmotha, Coconut Oil, Citrine

To Use: Roll oil liberally onto the palms of your hands, rub them together, clap 3 times in front of your face (body, mind, spirit) and open your palms in front of and right up in your face and nose and take 3 deep breaths. Rub oil on your head, neck, chest, solar plexus, low back… anywhere you like.

Ceremony Loose Incense Ingredients: Frankincense – Copal – Cedar – Palo Santo – Sweetgrass – Lemon
Purify your space, clear the funk, release your prayers, smell the magic and
usher in the Spirits. Presented in a canvas Godseye Pouch.

To Use: Scoop a pinch with a small spoon or your fingers, make a prayer, sprinkle on lit charcoal (set includes 2 charcoals to get you started) Burn on your personal altar, in group ceremony circles or in spaces that need energetic clearing.
Other supplies needed: Censer or cauldron, sand or lava rock, tongs, lighter.