North Star Fragrance Oil • Ceremony + Starlight


15ml Roll Bottle Perfume

Palo Santo, Citrine, Pyrite, Starlight, Coconut oil

Remember who you are, where you are and keep going.

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North Star Fragrance Blend is a gentle and loving attitude adjustment that will help you to stay awake when you are tempted to tune out. This tiny bottle of plant, crystal, mineral love contains a prayer to continue to move forward with your head up and your eyes open. This clear and simple prayer is steeped in integrity and dedication. I don’t leave home without this reliable friend that reminds me to be in a good way with myself and everything else. It is also excellent at clearing funky energy. Palo Santo Oil* that I charge under the stars during the New Moon is lit up with Natural Citrine and Pyrite.

Natural Citrine: The great Manifestor! Citrine stimulates the Root, Navel and Solar Plexus Chakras. These areas are points in the body where energy becomes physical and are powerful points for manifestation and creation work. Citrine helps you to overcome feelings of being undeserving of abundance.

Pyrite: Pyrite allows you to connect with the energy of the Earth and channel it through the body. It can increase stamina and enhance physical performance. It’s iron component supports the blood and its capacity to carry oxygen. Helps you to overcome fears and take action.

*I source my Palo Santo Oil from a company called One Love Holistics. They strive to set the gold standard within this niche industry by promoting responsible sourcing practices, regenerative forestation, ethical labor conditions, and a socially-responsible business model. They are wonderful people doing wonderful work so that we can enjoy this sacred and powerful oil in a really good way.

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