Open Spirit Mist


2oz or 4oz glass spray bottle

Frankincense-Cedar-Palo Santo-Lemon

1 of 3 Spirit Mists in my Ceremony collection.

Frankincense provides a feeling of grounding and connectedness and is the perfect companion for getting into a meditative, spiritual state. Lemon elevates your mood and helps you find mental clarity.  Cedar soothes anxiety and protects from dark energies.  Palo Santo is a mystical, holy wood that can help you consider things from new perspective.

OPEN will help you to… Open your heart and your mind to higher levels of love and consciousness.  When you are open you are available to receive clear messages from your guides and your higher self.  The scent will help you to put down old defenses and old stories and ideas that block you from the truth and deprive you of new programming you require to move forward in your prayer.  This mist is a reminder it is safe to be vulnerable and that your vulnerability is a strength rather than a weakness.  Open Spirit Mist acts as a happy little doorstop placed in front of the door to your heart.

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