Spirit Guides Perfume

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17ml Perfume

Citrus + Roots • Vetiver-Bergamot-Tobacco-Palo Santo

Spirit Guides is a hug from your ancestors. A gentle and loving reminder that you are being cheered on and celebrated by all those that came before you that held in their hearts a prayer for your liberation. The scent is bright and dark, grounding and uplifting which represents the conjoining of the spirit realm and the physical realm.

I wear this perfume almost everyday and especially when I need extra courage to step into my life.


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6 reviews for Spirit Guides Perfume

  1. erika

    This is my daily ceremony oil. I use this most frequently. I love the softness of the scent and the earthiness. I like what I becomes after it’s been on a while.
    I find it both very grounding and a reminder that I’m never alone.

  2. Maya Batki

    This oil takes me to a special place. Ithe combination of earthy and citrus is grounding and smells so heavenly, I wear it all the time. I keep it and a few other godseye oils in my purse so I can use them and share them with my friends when they ask me why I smell so good:) I love this oil❤️

  3. Jenn

    Spirit Guides Oil is a beautiful scent that lifts me every time I use it. I actually carry it with me in my bag because whenever I feel anxious its lively and comforting smell brings me back to neutral. I wear this also when I am thinking of loved ones who have transitioned.

  4. Stefanie O. (verified owner)

    This is my go-to, everyday, clean scent. It is earthy and light and perks me up as soon as I put it on. Spirit Guides grounds me and helps me stay focused, so I use it a lot at work. I love this uplifting scent!


    So glad you love it Stefanie!

  6. Angelica B. (verified owner)

    Godseye Oils are the BEST. I love them ALL. Yet, Spirit Guides may be my most favorite oil, I have yet to try more! I love how deep and resonating this oil is for me. Extremely helpful. When I use this scent, I immediately feel supported and surrounded by all that wishes me well. To boot, I gotta love something that is made of ME, Angelica! 🙂

    Certainly a powerful prayer in this oil! USE IT!

  7. leigh lennox (verified owner)

    Spirit Guides is so beautiful and so grounding to me. I use it and Vision Quest daily. I have tried many perfumes over the years, and although I have appreciated the scents, i haven’t been drawn to wear them myself – so it was a happy surprise to me that both of these perfumes agreed with me so much.
    I can’t wait to try the Spirit Mists and the roll-on North Star! Love!

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