The Invitation Gift Set


3 Spirit Mists Gift Set  |  Open – Soften – Allow Spirit Mists (2 ounces of each)

“By Opening, Softening, and Allowing, I invite and welcome my prayers for my elevation to be fully integrated into every cell of my being.”

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Set includes 2 oz. glass spray bottles of:

Open: Frankincense, Cedar, Palo Santo, Lemon
Open Up, Body, Mind, Spirit

Soften: Bergamot, Jasmine, Sandalwood
Soften your heart, Soften your thoughts, Soften any tension

Allow: Patchouli, Labdanum, Opopanax, Vanilla and Myrrh
Allow yourself to be like the water. Allow yourself to be held and carried and to follow the path of least resistance. Surrender, Receive, Let Go, Trust.

Use these 3 mists to:

  • Prepare you, your space, and all participants for rituals, ceremonies, and plant medicine journeys
  • Initiate your movement practice
  • Ground you for work
  • Connect to your creativity
  • Start your day off with a clear connection and purpose
  • Prepare your clients for their sessions with you
  • Clear funky energy
  • Refresh your hair and skin

Ingredients: Sandalwood Hydrosol + pure essential oil and essence blends