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Sex in a bottle.  Spicy, warm and sensual.  Vision Quest was the first perfume I ever made.  It holds within its formulation every oil I loved most at the time, the trust and belief I have in myself to create sacred perfume art and the clear vision for the birth of Godseye.  It is offered to all as a reminder that you have the power to create your own reality.

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7 reviews for Vision Quest Perfume

  1. Jennifer

    Pretty darn hard to pick a favorite God’s eye scent because they are all absolutely amazing. The only fragrances I will wear. I get compliments that I smell good everywhere I go. Vision Quest could be my favorite today… is divine heaven.

  2. godseyeoils

    Thank you Jennifer!

  3. erika

    This is the soft,warm blanket of smells. This oil offers me a lot of comfort and it blends really well with the other oils if I want to layer.

  4. Jenn

    Vision Quest is my FAVOURITE GODSEYE scent! Love. Love. Love is in this blend! It makes me feel powerful and grounded. Its smoky, woody, warm & yummy. I wear it everyday, carry it wherever I go.
    It develops on my skin throughout the day beautifully and I always get tons of compliments on how good I smell. I add it to everything I hold dear and sacred. I’ve even tried putting it in my dryer so my clothes will come out smelling right.
    My Hubby and Son also love to wear this oil in particular, we’re a GODSEYE family!

  5. D

    I loved that I got to witness the naming of this scent.. Vision Quest, because it showed me the respect for the muse. I remember someone telling me that smell is the sense of the soul. Vision Quest reminds me of the Power in staying with every moment and letting yourself be inspired. I put it on when I want inspiration. It’s the “I need to be reminded of my soul” smell! So good!




  7. Angelica B. (verified owner)

    WOW. WOW. WOW. That’s what I have to say about ALL of these Sacred and Prayerful healing oils. I LOVE everything by Godseye Oils and I feel them work instantly; in many ways and on many levels.

    Vision Quest is sweet and musky, and I love how grounding it is for me. The harmony of citrus, vanilla, and sandalwood is soothing and softening, my heart and senses ask for it.

    I always want to slather it on!

    Everyone who smells it on me asks about it! A definite MUST have!

  8. leigh lennox (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE Vision Quest and wear it almost every day – I also wear Spirit Guides all the time too. I am looking forward to trying everything Natalie makes, as the first three I’ve tried(the perfumes and the body butter) were instant favorites. So beautiful – thank you!

  9. Elicia Bryan (verified owner)

    Vision Quest, can I marry you? I hope Natalie always makes this perfume, I need this in my life forever! Looking forward to creating many beautiful memories with this.

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