The Ritual: Infuse + Diffuse

Black Lava Essence Necklace by Wakan Regalia paired with Storms Fragrance Oil by Godseye Oils bundled in a gorgeous natural earth-dyed silk pouch by Terrene Studio.

Essence Necklace: black lava beads hand-knotted with linen and soft deerskin. Black lava connecting us deeply with the earth is known as a grounding stone. offering strength and stability during times of change. worn close to the heart and next to skin...calming.

Storms Fragrance Oil: Opopanax - Tobacco - Choya - Cedar - Tonka - Agarwood

To Use: Apply oil to one or several black lava stones. Massaging oil into beads with intention. Enjoy the deep dark smokey fragrance of Storms to infuse your being. Allow a little time to dry before wearing to avoid oil transfer onto clothing.

'Storms' was inspired by the depths and darkness and wild beauty of a storm at sea as mimicked by the rises and falls like waves that naturally occur in relationships.

This oil will help you harness the storm's energy and use it to stay grounded, clear, connected, and present with yourself so that you can surrender and allow the waves to carry you forward into the unknown where all of the miracles happen.

Made while listening to and singing the song Storms by Fleetwood Mac, “But never have I been a blue calm sea, I have always been a Storm”

The scent is…
DEEP: Resinous and leathery notes of opoponax and animalic whispers of Agarwood
DARK: Earthy roots of Vetiver and Tobacco
SMOKEY: Plumes of Choya Ral held in a sweet cloud of Tonka Bean