Wholesale Terms & Conditions

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Godseye Oils is a small batch, boutique "Made in California” business. Your products are processed upon receipt and will be shipped or hand delivered to you immediately upon completion.

Minimum Order: 20 items for your first order. 10 items for reorders.

Tester bottles are offered for 50% off wholesale once 20 item minimum requirement has been met. Testers are only for items you have ordered to sell.

Payment is due when order is placed.

Production/ Lead time: Production will begin once order is paid in full. Your order will ship 10-14 days after payment is received.

Shelf Life: For optimal shelf life, all products should be stored in a dry area that ranges from 45 degrees to 72 degrees. All of Godseye products are formulated for a two year Shelf life. Fragrance and color are affected in with high heat and bright light environments.

Shipping: Shipping cost is USPS Priority Mail. Shipping is paid at time of order.