is an invitation to treat yourself as sacred

A woven godseye is a portal to the spirit world. And just like these handcrafted talismans, made from carefully chosen threads and filled with prayerful intention, each one of our potions is a portal into the Godseye realm — a place of connection, ritual, and trust.

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We make Godseye products slowly, ceremonially, and lovingly. We use our hands, hearts, and prayers to craft small-batch products inspired by the natural world. We create scents that are strong, sensual, and sacred.

Our perfumes, mists, and oils are for you to enjoy. While we’re absolutely certain that others will revel in how you smell and feel when you're wearing Godseye, this is about you. Godseye is the ritual you create for yourself. The reminder that you get to give yourself the good stuff first.

Your skin, your prayer, and your soul are the final pieces of every formulation we create.

Godseye is the vision of

Natalie Rose Silva

In a time of deep grief, Natalie began weaving godseyes. She was a new mother and newly motherless, and as her entire world shifted, she was consumed with the undeniable urge to create, create, create.

Each godseye was a portal back to Natalie’s childhood, a reminder of the bright, golden light that she’s carried with her since she was a little girl. Her inner light became her lantern in the darkness, illuminating her own way when no one else could do it for her. As she grew, Natalie became immensely skilled at shining that light onto those around her. She was — and is — a beacon of fierce, abundant love. 

Natalie’s hands twisted and turned the colorful threads, soaked with channeled oils and scents that imbued each strand with deeper meaning. Her scent inspiration came from the smoky, resinous notes of incense and smudges that came home with her from ceremony, lingering on her clothes and in her hair. These smells were portals, too —  back to the prayers she’d made in ceremony, and forward into this new, emerging scent prayer. 

Another godseye was complete. The portal had taken shape and the vision was clear: Godseye was a prayer to alchemize her pain into staggering beauty.

Godseye is a prayer

to do business in a new way

Godseye is a daily commitment to and practice of transparency, vulnerability, and spaciousness. We are a dedicated team of three mighty medicine women, supported by an ever-expanding web of sisters. 

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Sisterhood is the center of everything we do.

We are women supporting women. We are women praying and world-making together. We are women finding a better, softer, slower way. 

We see ourselves weaving a brilliant web in which everyone is seen and celebrated. You are in the web, we are in the web, and all the amazing makers we know are in the web, too. Everyone is included, and no one is competing. 

Godseye is the place for all of us to shine.