Individual Custom Scent Blending Ceremony

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Are you at a crossroads? Do you want to celebrate a milestone, achievement, or turning point in a deeply meaningful and memorable way? Are you looking for more magic and medicine in the ritual that is your life? 

Our individual custom scent blending ceremony is a life-changing experience. In three hours together, online or in person, you and Natalie will co-create a scent that’s unique to you, your intention and prayer, and this exact moment you’re in.

Once the ceremony has closed, you’ll take home your very own bottle of custom perfume or perfume oil.

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Our brain's olfactory system is a powerful time machine. Here, memories, emotions, and smells are all connected.

Smells can bring us right back to a moment in time and the prayer that we made there. That's how and why Godseye was born — Natalie came home from ceremony and smelled the smoky smells of incense on her clothes and in her hair, and in those moments she remembered her prayers, as vividly as the moment she was making them.

In your ceremony, you'll use the power of scent to ground and center you deeper into your prayer. Since you'll take your scent home with you back into your life — and all its hectic beauty — you'll be able to use it to come back to your prayer over and over again.

To spend three hours connecting with your intention and prayer.
To take part in the creation of a sacred scent that’s unique to you.
To drop into deep counsel and sister support with Natalie.
To receive guidance from animal medicine, the cosmos, and the tarot.
To pray with chanupa, the Sacred Pipe.
To connect with the Medicine.
To remember to treat yourself as sacred.

Please make your payment to begin your ceremony.

We’ll reach out to the email you provide at checkout to schedule your time together with Natalie, either in person at Natalie’s home in Santa Rosa, CA, or over Zoom.

This offering is also available to pairs — you and a lover, a partner, a best friend, a parent, or anyone you’re in a prayer with. The ceremony cost for two people is $888. Let us know if you'll be in ceremony as a pair, and we'll collect the additional payment from you beforehand.

We keep your custom formulation on file for future refills, so you’ll never run out.

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