Body Oil

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236 ml bottle

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Palo Santo | Rosemary | Hinoki Wood

Touch yourself.

An all-over moisturizing and massage oil that leaves your skin deeply nourished, glowing, and smelling like the forest.

We’re sensitive creatures, so we create products that make our sensitive skin happy. Every ingredient in this bottle was carefully chosen for its medicinal and energetic properties. Plus, the act of touching every inch of your own body in a healing and loving way is the self love medicine.

Apply body oil generously all over your skin when you’re still warm and wet from the shower, while beads of water are still on your skin. In the warmer months, apply oil while water beads are still on your skin, and then lay naked in the direct sunlight to dry. In the colder months, pat your skin dry with a towel after applying oil.

Our body oil is great for shaving. After exfoliating with our body scrub, apply oil to your skin while you’re still in the shower, then shave. This helps prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs.

Our body oil is also great for your sensitive body parts and your pubic hair.

At any time of day, massage the fascia of your own body using our body oil. You can use gua sha tools or your own powerful hands to rub your muscles, wake up your healthy circulation, and move blood and energy.

Notice how glowy and oily and beautiful your body is after you’ve loved yourself up.

Palo santo for a clear, powerful awakening and shift in perspective
Rosemary for a clear mind and memory retention
Hinoki wood for a purifying, clarifying, sustainably grown scent that’s used in traditional Japanese bathing rituals

Jojoba oil absorbs quickly and seals in moisture for a long time.

Rosehip seed oil reduces inflammation, boosts collagen formation, and reduces visible signs of aging.

Sandalwood nut oil is lightweight, non-greasy, and nourishing for sensitive skin types.

Shea butter is anti-inflammatory and toning for the skin.

Jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil, sandalwood nut oil, shea butter, essential oils of palo santo, rosemary, sandalwood, cedar, hinoki wood, lemon

*All organic