Florida Water

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30 ml bottle

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Lemon | Orange | Rose | Rosemary | Cinnamon | Clove | Black Pepper | |Orange Flower| San Pedro Flower

Move forward.

Help me to let go of everything that doesn't belong to me.

Florida Water is a spiritual tool for cleansing, purifying, and moving energy. Ours is based on a traditional recipe, but it’s ever evolving as different plants and scents are channeled through, wanting to play their part.

In ceremony, we take deep inhales of Florida Water to wake up the body, mind, and spirit. The sweet, spicy, powerful smell lingers for hours after ceremony has closed. This helps us remember our prayers and carry them forward.

Pour a capful into your hands. Clap three times. Place your open palms close to your face and deeply inhale and exhale three times.

In ceremony, Florida water helps move plant medicines past any blockages and deeper into the body. It helps you let go of any heavy, funky energy that needs to be released.

To ground, apply Florida water to the bottoms of your feet. You can also put it on any parts of your body that are feeling blocked or stuck. We like to pour it onto our hands and rub it onto our backs, throats, and hearts. Whatever’s left on your hand, tousle it into your hair or apply to your crown.

The Prayer

Help me to let go of everything that doesn't belong to me.