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Frankincense | Cedar | Palo Santo | Sandalwood Hydrosol

Supports grounding, clarity, and presence

Help me to open to higher levels of love and consciousness. I am available to receive guidance from everything that wishes me well.

Mist all over and take a deep breath. Make yourself available to the infinite wisdom that the water holds. This is a powerful tool to use during ritual, ceremony, and self care — it clears your energy and helps you shift from thinking into feeling.

Our Spirit Mists are especially helpful to use if you see clients as a part of your work; this liquid smudge will clear and reset the energy.

Frankincense for grounding and connectedness

Cedar for soothing anxiety and protection from dark energies

Palo santo for considering things from a new perspective

Sandalwood for sacred devotion

Made with a blend of essential oils, absolutes, and key accords in organic sandalwood hydrosol